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Our store is the best place to get big chief disposable especially the big chief sour tangie. The aroma of Sour Diesel is combined with the invigorating inventiveness and powerful citrus notes of Tangie to create Sour Tangie. THC Content Limit: 91.8% Max. Like many other hybrids that have the Tangie in its genetic makeup, the Sour Tangie is a highly fragrant strain with a bold flavor profile. The union of a Sour Diesel female and a Tangie male resulted in this pungent bud with a lingering sweet-and-sour, fruit-and-diesel flavor. DNA Genetics is a company based out of Amsterdan. However, you can also get wedding cake carts, distillate cartridges for sale, carts in bulk

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large chief one-time use only. The well-known strains that produced the Sour Tangie’s sativa-dominant offspring. DNA Genetics, the most prolific cannabis breeders in the industry, created this hybrid of East Coast Sour Diesel and the perennial favorite Tangie. The strain has a uniquely lemony flavor in addition to its pleasant mental benefits. Sour Tangie contains a THC content that is anywhere from 15% to 30%, according to estimates. Do Big Chief Really Have Carts? Yes, indeed

in terms of its appearance, aroma, and flavor.

Depending on the genotype, Sour Tangie’s primary selling factor is the size of its buds, which are typically larger than average. They have the long, thin leaves and open, airy structure typical of sativas. These leaves are an eye-popping combination of dark and light colors of green, with bright orange pistils connecting them. The hazy white trichomes that finish off these gorgeous flowers also make them sticky and difficult to break apart without a grinder. wedding cake carts,carts in bulk


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