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Are you looking to Buy big chief white widow carts online ?. White Widow has chunky, conical, tapered buds with a loose and fluffy texture. It produces a citrusy, peppery scent accompanied by a slight lemon aftertaste. Big chief white widow, purchase big chief extracts

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Big chief white widow

White Widow is a cross of two landrace strains, Brazilian and south Indian, from Green House Seed Company in Amsterdam. Green House breeder Arjan Roskam reports having developed White Widow in the early ’90s with fellow Netherlands breeder Ingemar. purchase big chief extracts
According to Arjan, the strain’s original name was Arnhem’s Wonder before he and Ingemar commercialized. It in seed form and changed the name to White Widow. Big chief 1g
The winner of first place Bio at High Times Cannabis Cup in 1995. White Widow delivers a strong peppery cedar flavor and a complex, long-lasting high that starts with a relaxing haze and gives way to an explosive buzz, as reported by Green House.  Green House has tested White Widow at 90.4% THC. The seed bank has also developed autoflowering and high-CBD autoflowering versions of the strain by hybridizing White Widow with Ruderalis and high-CBD strains, respectively. Green House Seed Co. carries all three versions of White Widow in feminized seed form. Big chief carts review

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