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Our store is a great place to get big chief carts sour diesel. “Sour D,” short for “sour diesel,” refers to a well-liked type of cannabis. Flowers are easily distinguish by their pungent chemical aroma, which is reminiscent of gasoline. It’s predominantly a sativa head high with some indica body effects. As a result, it’s become more well-liked among both recreational and medical users. This strain has a THC content of 20%-25%, which is very high. However, you can also get thc oil carts, buy carts online, big chief pens, big chief tobacco

East Coast and Sour D They go under several names, including Sour Diesel (or ECSD,). The history of the popular Sour Diesel strain is not without controversy.

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Several online sources place the introduction of the Sour Diesel breeder in New York City somewhere around the decade mark of the mid-1990s. AJ (short for “A**hole Joe”) contaminated a female Chemdawg 91 with pollen from a Super Skunk he bought in Amsterdam. The resulting product, dubbed “Sour Diesel,” supposedly had a bad effect on business partnerships, hence the name.

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The products have all been thoroughly tested in labs and found to be within California law. Therefore, products are put through their paces before being made available to the general public. Each vape cart has a report detailing what’s in it. Mobile dispensaries selling sativa. Big chief tobacco

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You can trust Bigchiefcartridges.com to ship you authentic Big Chief CBD vape carts, Big Chief THC vape carts, Big Chief Grinders, and Big Chief rolling trays, among other Big Chief accessories. If you want to get high off of real Big Chief, don’t risk getting ripped off by buying fake, untested, synthetic Big Chief extracts from a middleman. We’re happy to announce that we’ve recently finished integrating with Cookies Carts. gram cartridges


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