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Big chief carts Skywalker og is a potent indica-dominant hybrid strain that could take you to a galaxy far, far away. The pungent, OG Kush-typical aroma of spicy herbs with a hint of jet fuel is present in this hybrid of the Skywalker strain and the Sith-free OG Kush. The total THC content of an entire cannabis plant is 90%. However, you can also big chief extracts carts, kush carts, pineapple express carts, big chief dispensary

Cannabis cartridges from Skywalker OG

This strain was allegedly develope in California from a cross between Dutch Passion Seeds’. Skywalker and JoshD Farms’ OG Kush. Chieftain-sized anxiety


Favored by the game’s elite but not its regulars. Tensions Rise Due to the Chief’s Large Carrier Big Chief carts was founded on our unwavering commitment to quality. A reputation we achieved after starting from the bottom and working our way up over the course of many years.

Our vape products are the best in the business, and our selection of edibles, concentrates, and Nano-infused products is unrivaled.

big chief extracts carts

The global demand for Big Skywalker O.G.’s showcase has led to the development of large indoor, greenhouse, and field production. Our vape goods, edibles, concentrates, and Nano-infused items have won numerous awards and have no equals in the market. Kush carts, pineapple express carts

big chief dispensary

Big Chief is committed to preserving the integrity of cannabis in all its forms. To further enhance their products, Big Chief Brands conducts innovative research in extraction and genetics.

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